Complete Count Committee

The Complete Count Committee is led by the County of Santa Barbara and comprised of 90 leaders from the public, private and nonprofit sectors to jointly develop and implement effective outreach strategies while maximizing resources. 

The committee serves as a grassroots strategy approach to reach the hardest-to-count populations. The committee also serves to assist with tactical, complete count initiatives. The Complete Count Committee of Santa Barbara County created six sector-based subcommittees based on member’s access to different hard-to-count populations.


  • Local Government & State Partners
  • Messaging to Undocumented & Immigrants
  • Public Health & Education Sector
  • Philanthropic
  • Family Resources & Housing Authority
  • Marketing

Meet the Complete Count Committee Leadership Team

Complete Count Committee Co-Chairs 

Joni Maiden

Joni Maiden

Director, Department of Child Support Services, County of Santa Barbara


Pedro Paz

Director of Grantmaking, Santa Barbara Foundation

Local Government & State Partners
Hannah Sullivan
Office of Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson

    Hon. Gloria Soto
City of Santa Maria

Messaging to Undocumented & Immigrants
Eder Gaona-Macedo
 Future Leaders of America

Public Health & Education Sector
Patricia Keelean
Community Action Commission of Santa Barbara

Steve Ortiz
United Way of Santa Barbara

Family Resources & Housing Authority
Rob Fredericks
 Housing Association of Santa Barbara

Gina DePinto
 County of Santa Barbara

   Lauren Bianchi Klemann
Santa Barbara County Association of Governments